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Shared Water Supply Pipe Work

Often older houses, mostly terraced houses and occasionally some semi-detached houses, use a common supply pipe system. This is a pipe that supplies the water from the mains to two or more properties using a common stop tap. In effect this means that you share the supply pipe that branches off from the mains with your neighbours.

EPS can install a individual supply to your property.

common shared terraced water supply pipe replacement

On completion of the installation EPS will sign the work off and request that your water provider raise a work order to replace your communication pipe should this not have already been done. (charges may apply for new communication pipe connections, if your not sure contact your water company or give EPS a ring, we are here to help)

Properties that have changed from a common supply to a separate supply will require the branch that originally connected their property to the old supply removed.

EPS are able to trace, locate and remove the branch to meet current Water regulations. Once all work has been carried out by the water company, if necessary, EPS will return to site to perform the internal connection and then disconnect the branch from the common supply. It is likely that you will see one or more of the following advantages once your new supply has been connected.

Water Mains ReplacementReplacing the water supply pipe (the section of pipe from the boundary to the property) can eliminate all these disadvantages. Once this work has been done, EPS will sign off the work and issue a certificate and will contact your water provider to replace the section of pipe from the boundry of the property to the main (communication pipe).

Water Mains Replacement